Benistar: The Best Group That Provides Health Retiree Solutions

BenistarBenistar Group Health Retiree Solutions is a company that was established in the year 1978. It is the world’s number one company in terms of installation, design as well as administration of 65 groups of different retiree medical benefits. Benistar is especially focused on the administration of the prescription drug and retiree medical plans. The company is working along with the consultants and brokers in order to provide the best retiree prescription drug and retiree medical solutions for those organization and companies’ nationwide. It includes the Labor Unions, privately and publicly held companies, county and city government entities, religious and educational organizations.

Benistar has more than 400 sponsors all over the United States by providing retiree health, retirement plans as well as administration. They administer $100 million in the premiums every day. In terms of administration and consulting, Benistar is providing cost effective and creative solutions for retiree benefits in order to meet the expectations of the individual plan sponsors that they have. The benefit-consulting professionals that they have are focused on the prescription drug plans as well as on the retiree medical that they have. Benistar is also working with their clients in order to analyze the existing retiree program as well as to identify the best technique in order to improve the said program.

BenistarWhen it comes to their retiree medical benefits, Benistar is helping their clients to pay for the recognized costs but not those that are covered by the Medical Parts A and B. In terms of the prescription drug solution that Benistar have for their clients, the retiree drug and prescription plans that they have are the EGWP or the Employer Group Waiver Plans. It was established for those groups that are under the Medicare Part D. The partner contract that they have with the centers for the Medicare as well as for the Medicaid Services or CMS is serving as the sponsor of the Medicare Part D plan. This plan is managing the compliances with the regulations of the CMs with regards to the Part d plans.

Because of the years of experience that Benistar Group Health Retiree Solution provides as well as with the great partnership that they have with their sponsors, it is no doubt that they are truly the leading company around the world because of the quality service that they provide to their valuable clients.

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