Reasons Why Choosing Leodis Matthews as your Attorney

Choosing the right person to trust may be one of your biggest decisions in life. If you are having any trouble or problem regarding your legal cases, you should look for the best lawyer that will help you overcome your problems. The lawyer should be credible enough to handle your case. He/she must have the knowledge and skills that a lawyer must possess.

Leodis Matthews
Mr. Leodis Matthews might be the person you are looking for. Why choosing Mr. Leodis Matthews?

  • He is a lawyer as well as an attorney.
  • He graduated with Bachelor of Science degree at Lewis and Clark College. He earned his Juris Doctor from Northwestern School of Law.
  • He is known to be fluent in German.
  • He served as Assistant United States Attorney, Senior Trial Attorney and Special Trial Attorney with United States Department of Justice.
  • He has served as a Senior Counsel on the US House of Representatives’ Select Committee on Assassinations and Deputy District Attorney.
  • He is licensed with the District of Columbia bar, Oregon State Bar and California State Bar.
  • He is authorized to engage in the practice of law in Germany.
  • He has the knowledge about International law, Mergers, Civil Litigation, Corporate Law, Employment Law, Real Estate Transactions, Commercial Litigation, Legal Research and more.

Leodis MatthewsLeodis Matthews can offer and give you the best service you want and need. His experiences in practicing law in different firms prove how good and efficient lawyer he is. It is also better to check whether a particular attorney has a legal discipline records. Matthew had also records about legal discipline. He was even reprimanded and suspended in the practice of law. He was not able to practice law for years. But in the end, the legal counsel did not find substantial evidence or proof against him. Therefore, he is able to continue his job and career.

Once you don’t know whom to trust with, be free to check on someone’s background information—be it educational attainment, title, work experiences and all the achievements he/she had for the rest of his/her life. This is to avoid fake and not capable lawyers to handle your case. Instead of winning the case, what will happen is the other way around. Be smart and careful in choosing your attorney. Leodis Matthew has always been a good lawyer. He is credible enough to handle legal counsel and legal documents.

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