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Our Love Affair With Cookware

Have you ever been in love? I mean deeply in love? Well I fell in love when I was very young and in the funniest of places, my mothers’ kitchen. My mum was a stay at home wife. Most people on the street would call her ordinary but I knew she was a genius. She never got any formal education on what to do or what to use in the kitchen but she always said her passion never let her down.

When I close my eyes I can still hear the sounds of her cleaning her cookware in the sink, see her putting them on the stove and the aroma that came from them…..just the memory still has me drooling.She used to say, “Choose your tools well darling, your cookware can be better than a steel bunker in a tornado, if you know what I mean”. At the time I had no idea what she meant, that is until I fell in love of coarse. Then I understood what it was to have passion and desire.

I wanted every food I touched to evoke the same emotions in the people I catered to. For them to understand my fierce love affair with my cooking tools. My cookware sparkled in my eyes, they got hot and whistled beautiful music that till today still gets me in the mood to stir something up.

yes! I am in love. My passion has only allowed me to surround myself with cookware that ultimately makes others fall in love as well. Planning to get a cookware? Cookwithtina is one my favourite blog!

I choose my cooking tools carefully with an eye for detail with mum’s voice in my head saying ” Don’t leave that one behind honey, I know what we’ll do with that one!”.

So even though my mum isn’t with me today, I look around my kitchen every morning with a cup of coffee in my hands and I think to myself, ” Let the tornadoes come mum, our steel bunker is good for any hurricane.”